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Revival Ready Paperback Book


There are significant shifts taking place in the world today; from political power base, financial instability, the movement of peoples and societal norms to mention just a few. The world is changing and will never be the same again. At...

Rouse the Warriors


Find your place in His end-time plans. New believers are equipped and empowered, seasoned saints encouraged and help and healing offered to ‘wounded warriors’ so that all may be ready for the spiritual battles that lie ahead.

Turn Nations 22 Digital Boxset


Prepare the Way for The King. God is on the move, are you ready? Order the Turn Nations 22 Digital Boxset today for all 10 sessions with our contributors who are true pioneers of faith leading into the the new...

Turn Nations 23 Digital Boxset


Prepare to embark on a path that leads to boundless possibilities and eternal impact. This is a call to action, a call to spread the message of love, hope, and salvation to the ends of the earth. Order the Turn...

Turning Nations 21 Digital Boxset


There have been times in history that the Lord has swept through communities, regions and even nations with hope giving life transforming power, resulting in thousands of communities coming to Christ. Our firm conviction is that God is doing this...

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